Vibrant Singing Tree

This amazing creation of Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu - "Singing Ringing Tree" or "Vibrant Derova Singing" can be seen and heard on the hill of Pennine Lancashire County mountains. The height of a singing sculpture reaches three meters. The tree is made of galvanized steel pipes, which publish melodious sounds with each gust of wind.

Vibrant Singing Tree - 1

Vibrant Singing Tree - 2

From that, in what direction and how hard the wind blows, and the song depends on the tree. It can be gentle and sad, and even scary.

Vibrant Singing Tree - 3

Singing Tree stands on the highest point of the hill "Crown Point", which offers panoramic views of the city of Burnley. When the weather is sunny and there is smoke, then from there you can see the neighboring towns.

Singing Sculpture was built in 2006. It is part of the project «Panopticons». This project consists of four sculptures - House Atom, track Colourfields, singing and shining UFO Halo and singing ringing tree and Singing Ringing Tree. All sculptures are interesting in that sound in harmony with the sounds of nature.

Vibrant Singing Tree - 5

The project «Panopticons» was intended to represent West Lancashire, to decorate the landscape and attract these tourists scenic spots.

Vibrant Singing Tree - 6

Not all pipes from which the tree is created, able to produce sounds and some of them are simply elements of the design.

Vibrant Singing Tree - 7

The design of the Singing Tree contains 350 tubes of different lengths, but only for the construction of sculpture was spent U.S. $100000

Vibrant Singing Tree - 8

The name of the statue was in honor of the singing tree from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Singing Tree has received numerous awards, including the award of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2007.

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