Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

The most significant landmark on the island of Phuket is the world-famous vegetarian festival, which takes place over eight days in the first decade of the ninth lunar month (late September - early October).

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 1

Festival is distinguished by an abundance of self-torture, and this affects the tourists to a depth of feeling. Indeed, the photos are impressive, even persistent psyche - is the presence of various objects (from the traditional swords to taps) to cut the cheeks, lips and tongues.

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 2

Witnesses said that those who "cleaned" in this way, prepare yourself apart from the ritual of the adoption of the "chest" of soft drugs (which explains the lack of thought in his eyes). But what is surprising - after the festivals wounds heal without leaving scars. We can not tell you how this information is true, but taken from an authoritative source.

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The festival is a vegetarian, because during the meeting allowed the use of meat and generally celebratory canons similar to Lent in the Orthodox Church, only harder - canceled sex, alcohol and other fun, special attention is paid to cleanliness of body and soul, for pregnant women, women during menstruation and people in mourning festival is closed.

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 4

Samoistyazateli people are sacred, they sum up children to touch and thus cleared. Piercing parts of the face - not the only way to clear duhovonoe space - also practiced walking on the blades and the burning coals, and pouring hot oil.

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 5

Despite the fact that the streets are on duty ambulances, trauma, life-threatening, rare, mostly derived from burning oil pouring.

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 6

The story goes that the first vegetarian festival was held around 1825. Then, in the Phuket tin mines worked many Chinese, and their troupe of strolling entertainment arrived artists from China.

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 7

Following the arrival of the circus from the local began a very bad disease deaths (according to some sources - scurvy). Once the number of deaths exceeded the critical limit, the circus decided it was because they supposedly immoral lifestyle of artists brought to white heat of the gods, and here they are retaliated earthlings.

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 8

Urgent searches were carried out of the situation and found the following - strict fasting, prayer, and bodily injury to repentance.

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 9

These actions have made an impression on the gods, and the disease has receded, and the earthlings in memory of the charitable works set up a holiday that we have the pleasure to behold.

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand - 10

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