Travelers legs

Photographer Tom Robinson (Tom Robinson) makes the photos on the memory in an unusual way - pictures of feet.

Travelers legs - 1

"When I was sitting on the beach in Brighton (England) in 2005 with my girlfriend, we suddenly think that the pictures of our feet against the backdrop of the sea will turn out pretty interesting. That ever since we always do these photos while traveling. The result is a rather large collection, and in 2011 appeared in the photo and the third pair of legs - our little girl Matilda. "

Travelers legs - 2

Our first sunset threesome. Cabo de Sao Vicente, Portugal.

Travelers legs - 3

Behalf of the National Reserve Eduardo Avaroa, Bolivia.

Travelers legs - 4

On the descent by cable car to the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand.

Travelers legs - 5

In our beloved van with a trailer in Australia. Unable to find where to park, we decided to stop for the night right into the field, away from roads. In the morning we were awakened by a terrible noise. Leaning out the window, I saw that around our wagon wheels tractor cuts. Sitting behind the wheel of a farmer angrily shouted to me: "parking down the road!" It turned out, we parked in his field.

Travelers legs - 6

White sand dunes in Vietnam.

Travelers legs - 7

Foot massage in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Travelers legs - 8

Skiing in Austria.

Travelers legs - 9

Island Arcs-Otok, Croatia.

Travelers legs - 10

Set in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Travelers legs - 11

100-meter pool at the hotel «Arribas», Portugal.

Travelers legs - 12

The view from the resort on the island of Utopia Tao, Thailand. Here I made an offer to Verity.

Travelers legs - 13

Glastonbury Festival in 2010.

Travelers legs - 14

In Switzerland.

Travelers legs - 15

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.

Travelers legs - 16

Our room in Masaya, Nicaragua. We stayed with a family who rented a room in the house. Our room had a toilet, and shower, and bedroom.

Travelers legs - 17

Ascent to the Villarrica volcano in Chile. Our slow, steady rise began at 5 am. 6 hours later, we finally went upstairs, where we were welcomed by a clear blue sky and an incredible view of Chile. And after this trip, we went to the thermal pools - the perfect ending of a busy day.

Travelers legs - 18

Sunset in the Blue Mountains in Australia.

Travelers legs - 19

Lake in Romania.

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