April 14 marks exactly 100 years since the legendary disaster. "Titanic" - a British steamship company "White Star", the second of three ships of the twin of the "Olympic". The largest passenger liner the world at the time of its construction. During the first flight April 14, 1912 struck an iceberg and within 2 hours and 40 minutes sank.

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On board were 1316 passengers and 908 crew members, only 2224 people. Of these, 711 people were rescued, died in 1513. We invite you to see some documentary shots of this story and discover new and interesting facts. In the photo: April 9, 1912. "Titanic" at the port of Southampton for a day before sailing to America.

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Check the screws before sailing.

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Dining room on the "Titanic" in 1912.

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Room for second-class passengers on board the "Titanic" in 1912.

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The main staircase of "Titanic" in 1912.

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Passengers on the deck of the "Titanic." April, 1912.

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The orchestra of "Titanic" was the two compounds. The quintet led by a 33-year-old British violinist Wallace Hartley, it consisted of one violin, bass and two cellists. An additional trio of musicians from the Belgian violinist, cellist and pianist, French was hired for "Titanic" to give a touch of Continental Café Parisien. The trio also played in the lobby restaurant liner. Many passengers thought the ship's orchestra "Titanic" to the best of those that they have ever heard on the ships. Usually two of the orchestra of "Titanic" worked independently of each other - in different parts of the ship and at different times, but on the night of the death of the ship, all eight musicians played together for the first time. They played the best music and fun until the last minutes of life liner. Pictured: Musicians Orchestra ship "Titanic."

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Hartley's body was found two weeks after the death of "Titanic" and sent to England. To his chest was tied violin - a gift to the bride.
Among the other surviving band members did not have ... One of the rescued passengers of "Titanic" will write later: "The night was made a lot of heroic deeds, but none of them could match the feat of those few musicians who played hour after hour, while the ship sank deeper and deeper, and the sea was chosen to the place where they stood. The music they played, gave them the right to be made to the list of heroes of eternal glory. " Pictured: The funeral of the conductor and orchestra violinist ship "Titanic" Wallace Hartley. April 1912.

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Iceberg, which supposedly ran passenger liner "Titanic". The photo was taken on board the cable ship «Mackay Bennett», driven by Captain DeCarteret. The vessel «Mackay Bennett» one of the first arrived at the crash site of "Titanic." According to Captain DeCarteret, it was the only iceberg near the crash site ocean liner.

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The lifeboat "Titanic", filmed by one of the passengers of the ship "Carpathia." April, 1912.

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Rescue ship "Carpathia" picked up 712 survivors of the passengers of "Titanic." In the photograph taken by the passenger, "Carpathia," Louis M. Ogden, see the lifeboats, which are close to the "Carpathia."

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April 22, 1912. Brothers Michael (4 years) and Edmond (2 years). Considered to be "orphaned Titanic" as long as their mother was found in France. His father died in the collapse of the liner.

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Michel died in 2001, the last of the surviving males to "Titanic."

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The group rescued the passengers of "Titanic" on board "Carpathia."

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Another group of rescued passengers of "Titanic."

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Captain Edward John Smith (second from right) with the command ship.

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Figure the sinking of "Titanic" after the accident.

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Passenger tickets for "Titanic." April 1912.

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