This Hogwarts

Who would have thought that the school in the Harry Potter series of films for him has not been drawn, and existed in reality? So not less, it does exist ... in the form of the model.

This Hogwarts - 1

During a press tour of the London studio Warner Bros, TV opened a terrible secret - Hogwarts Castle, which now and then flashed in a series of films about Harry Potter, has not been painted, and was established as a model and now it can be touched, and even destroy .

This Hogwarts - 2

On the construction of a diameter of 30 meters were employed 86 artists in the process was also created more than 2500 light sources (windows in the castle, lights, etc.).

This Hogwarts - 3

This was followed by a thorough "aerial" construction and has the pictures were the basis of CGI-models that are used in the Harry Potter films.

This Hogwarts - 4

This Hogwarts - 5

Once again proves that there is still good old-fashioned "work by hand" is much easier and more profitable than the computer drawing.

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