This unusual fish has entered in the Guinness Book of Records because of its size. Sunfish is the largest bony fish in the world. The length of her body can reach three meters. Also, there are cases when the fish reaches a length of 5.5 meters.

Sunfish - 1

Sunfish - 2

Laterally compressed body is very high and short, which gives the fish a very strange sight, the body of this fish is close to the shape of the disk. The tail is very short, broad and truncated, the dorsal, caudal and anal fins are connected to each other. The skin of fish, the moon is thick and elastic, covered with small bony tubercles.

Sunfish - 3

Guinness has provided data on fish caught in 1908 near Sydney, whose length was 4.26 m and weighs 2235 kg.

Sunfish - 4

In the North Atlantic fish, the moon can be found off the coast of Newfoundland, Iceland, Great Britain, in the western Baltic Sea and along the coasts of Norway and the Kola Peninsula.Occasionally you can find the fish, the moon in the northern Sea of Japan and around the southern islands of the Greater Kuril Ridge.

Sunfish - 5

Often you can see the moon-fish lying on its side on the water surface. From time to time its fins appear on the surface - sometimes mistaken for a shark's dorsal fin. Larvae and juveniles of this species swim like normal fish, but the grown-moon-fish - a poor swimmer, unable to overcome the strong currents.

Sunfish - 6

Sunfish eats plankton, as well as squid, eel larvae, salps, ctenophores and jellyfish. The moon-fish - the most prolific fish: a female can buttonhole to 300 million eggs, but its numbers low.

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