Interesting Penguinology

King Penguin - the second largest (after the emperor) penguin species and one of the most brightly colored. Proud bearing, the combination of white, yellow and black plumage fully justify the title of king, assigned to these birds. One of the biggest in number of colonies king penguin is in the Bay of St Andrew on South Georgia Island. It was at St. Andrews Bay in the evening a warm spring day and this picture was taken. Chicks collected mngotysyachnye "nursery" patiently waiting for their parents, who appear every two weeks, something to feed them. Parents and children find each other by voice.

Penguin parents and childs - 1

Penguin parents and childs - 2

Penguin parents and childs - 3


Penguin parents and childs - 4

It's my mom! When approaching another adult penguin for "manger" chicks often show increased activity, screaming and struggling to attract vnomanie. After 12 months of hungry chicks can be even harder than their parents.

Penguin parents and childs - 5

AGAIN deuce!? The chicks in the nursery are in constant motion. Often there are comedy routines, so reminiscent of the situation in the life of humans, that I want to come up with a photo story posmeshnee. Or at least the name :)

Penguin parents and childs - 6

ORPHAN. Everything in life is often not as funny as the photo. Alien chicks penguins usually do not feed, and the chick, whose parents died also usually dies.

Penguin parents and childs - 7

Total Fitness :)


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