Drug war of Mexico

Israeli photographer Shaul Schwarz (Shaul Schwartz) - One of the first who spoke in his pictures on drug war in Mexico. In recent years, Saul saw firsthand the many showdowns, the hunt for dealers, bloody murder scene, and the devastating impact of drugs on culture. On both sides of the border (the U.S. and Mexico) are becoming popular "narkokorridos" - songs about drug lords and militias.

Drug war of Mexico - 1

The singers sing the "heroes" and drug traffickers have become role models of Mexican children. Film directors make films and serials, in some cases even to order the drug lords, in which they want to see themselves as "Robin Hoods" of modern times. We invite you to see some pictures of Saul and learn about the ongoing situation in Mexico.

Drug war of Mexico - 2

Mexico's drug war - armed conflict between rival drug cartels, government troops and police in Mexico. Mexico is the main foreign supplier of cannabis and cocaine, as well as the largest supplier of methamphetamine to the United States. Although Mexican drug cartels engaged in drug trafficking, have been around for decades, they have become more powerful since the collapse of the Colombian cartels - the Medellin and Cali in the 1990s.

Drug war of Mexico - 3

In the photo: Ciudad Juarez. Family 28 year old Alberto Rodriguez, who was shot in his car outside his home in front of close relatives.

Drug war of Mexico - 4

In the photo: The car in which the killer shot a couple.

Drug war of Mexico - 5

Mexican drug cartels now dominate the wholesale illicit drug market in the U.S.. Now even some of the structures of state power in Mexico, assisting in the organization of drug trafficking.

Drug war of Mexico - 6

But today more and more arrests of leaders of cartels is happening, which in turn leads to increased levels of violence, as exacerbated by the struggle for control of the cartel routes of drug delivery in the U.S..

Drug war of Mexico - 7

In some areas of Mexico, drug traffickers nakopili Army weapons of the sample. They have the opportunity to conduct counterintelligence and continually replenish their ranks from among poor young people who aspire to join them.

Drug war of Mexico - 8

Against the drug, cartels are fighting the police, armed forces and the Mexican anti-drug office of DEA (the U.S.).

Drug war of Mexico - 9

Over the time, the balance of power between the Mexican cartels changing. Failures in the system - for example, arrest or death of the leader of the cartel, generates the bloodshed caused by the power vacuum. Such situations are sometimes the result of the success of law enforcement, so the cartels often try to use the law enforcement agencies to fight with each other, either by bribing Mexican officials to take action against an opponent.

Drug war of Mexico - 10

In the photo: the altar of Santa Muerte. More recently in northern Mexico has become a very popular cult of Santa Muerte (Saint Death), which consists in the worship of the deity personifying death.

Drug war of Mexico - 11

The beginning of the struggle between rival drug cartels was laid after his arrest in 1989 of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, who founded the cocaine business in Mexico. A lull in the fighting occurred in the late 1990s, but now the violence has been steadily increasing since 2000.

Drug war of Mexico - 12

To combat the drug trade President Vicente Fox has sent troops into the city of Nuevo Laredo and Tamaulipas on the border with the United States, which, however, did not succeed. It is estimated that about 110 people have been killed in Nuevo Laredo only for January-August 2005 as a result of fighting between the cartels.

Drug war of Mexico - 13

In the photo: "City of the Dead" at the cemetery Jardines del Humaya, Kulyakan city, the state of Sinaloa. Earned money by selling drugs often bequeathed to the construction of mausoleums and crypts.

 Drug war of Mexico - 14

Until 2006, the government reluctant to narkokortelyam. That all changed Dec. 11, 2006, when the newly elected President Felipe Calderon has sent federal troops to the state of Michoacan to prevent local violence. This action is considered the first major operation to combat organized crime, and is generally regarded as the starting point in the war between the government and drug cartels.

Drug war of Mexico - 15

Calderon continues his campaign against drugs, currently about 45,000 soldiers are involved in it, in addition to state and federal police forces.

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