Civil War in Syria

The uprising in Syria - the massive anti-government unrest in various cities of Syria , against the country's president , Bashar al-Assad An ongoing internal conflict in Syria, which is part of a broader Arab spring . The first public demonstration was held on January 26, 2011, but they appeared only sporadically before the mass protests that erupted in Dera March 15 . The situation quickly turned into a full-scale popular uprising, and the protesters demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad and the overthrow of the government. The situation in Syria is part of the Arab spring, waves of social unrest throughout the Arab world , demanding greater political freedom and the end of dictatorships. Inspired by the successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt , in Syria, protesters have resorted to various tactics (such as marches, hunger strikes, riots and acts of vandalism), aimed at ending nearly fifty years of the party the Ba'ath . The uprising was called "unprecedented" policy.

Civil War in Syria - 1

A Syrian man carries a wounded girl next to Red Crescent ambulances following an explosion that targeted a military bus near Qudssaya, a neighborhood of the Syrian capital, on June 8, 2012. At least seven people were killed in blasts near Damascus and in Idlib city in Syria's restive northwest, among them four security forces members, a watchdog group said. (AFP/Getty Images)

Civil War in Syria - 2

The Syrian flag and destroyed buildings.

Civil War in Syria - 3

A destroyed military tank.

Civil War in Syria - 4

Badly destroyed homes due to heavy bombing.

Civil War in Syria - 5

Mass burial of victims of civil war.

Civil War in Syria - 6

Men pay their respects in a cemetery in the town of Qusayr.

Civil War in Syria - 7

Anti-Syrian regime mourners raising their hands as they carry the coffins of Syrian citizens killed by Syrian troops, in Daraa, Syria.

Civil War in Syria - 8

A Syrian woman holds a gun during an anti-Bashar Assad protest - Civil war Idlib, Syria.

Civil War in Syria - 9

Anti-Syrian regime protesters holding a banner and shouting slogans during a demonstration at the northern town of Kfar Nebel, in Idlib province, Syria.

Civil War in Syria - 10

A Syrian rebel - inside an armored combat vehicle in Khaldiyeh neighborhood in Homs province.

Civil War in Syria - 11

Members of the Free Syrian Army's "Freedom for the River Assi Brigade"

Civil War in Syria - 12

Pictures shows the destruction in the streets of Homs.

Civil War in Syria - 13

A Syrian rebel going on a bicycle.

Civil War in Syria - 14

Rest house of the Syrian Army fighters where they are spending their free time.

Civil War in Syria - 16

Convoy of member of the Free Syrian Army's "Freedom for the River Assi Brigade".

Civil War in Syria - 17

Dead bodies.

Civil War in Syria - 18

Dead bodies of a man and child that anti-government protesters say were killed by government security forces, are placed on a vehicle belonging to the United Nations observers' mission in Syria in Huola.

Civil War in Syria - 19

A Syrian boy sits in the rubble of house that was destroyed.

Civil War in Syria - 20

A destroyed house

Civil War in Syria - 21

As the protests continued, the Syrian government has begun the deployment of tanks and snipers as a means to suppress the uprising. Water and electricity were cut off in particularly troublesome areas, and the security forces resorted to confiscation of flour and food products. Syrian army besieged the city of Dera, Duma, the Banyas, Hama, Homs, Aleppo, Talkalah, Idlib, Rastan, Jisr Al-Shugur, Deir ez-Zor, Latakia and Zabadani, and several other cities. According to witnesses, the soldiers who refused to open fire against civilians were shot on the spot. The Syrian government denies reports of soldiers deserting from the army and blamed "armed gangs" in the riots.

Civil War in Syria - 22

Civil War in Syria - 23

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