The oldest building in the world


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Bamboo Forest Saga

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Lofoten - laconic perfection of nature.

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Iconic Historical Photographs From United States

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Ulster Queen

Built on a British shipyard, Cammell Laird Shipbuilders Ltd, in 1967, was named Ulster Queen. By design was rolkerom (roll-off ferry with horizontal loading) for the transport of vehicles and passengers, looks very similar to the Salem Express. Ship name changed frequently (bad luck), and in 1986 it was renamed Al Kahera, in 1987 in Ala Eddin, in 1988 Poseidonia and finally, in 2005, Al Kahfain. Vessel length 115m, width 17m, 4m draft. Al Kahfain different from the Salem Express absence bow ramp - entry / exit of vehicles was carried out through the stern. Steam up to 150 cars and 275 passengers. For 2005, the Al Kahfain, as a passenger ferry, was assigned to the Port Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. November 2, 2005 ex-Poseidonia returned from Suez to Jeddah, the ship went without passengers, with a crew of 58 people. In the area of ​​the reef of Abu Nuhas in engine ferry was an explosion, a fire broke out, which is to take control failed. The crew left the ship, which drifted to the north-eastern part of Hyndman Reef (local name Sha'ab Sheer). November 3 Al Kahfain sat on reefs near the port of Safaga, where he eventually rolled over and sank up to the keel depth of 24m.

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Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Once the hot African morning of 1908, there lived a certain light on Zakaris left. He served on the narrow gauge railway worker linking Windhoek and Luderitz, and so would have existed himself happily, if not his passion for a relaxing morning stroll.

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Gold jewelry that belonged to the ancestors of Alexander the Great

As a result of archaeological excavations in the tomb under the Bulgarian town Sveshtari were found gold ornaments, which are believed to archaeologists, could belong to the family of Alexander the Great.

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Museum in Jerusalem Israel Bible Lands Museum

Layout of the Old City of the Second Temple (~ 2000 years ago) is in the Museum of Israel, there is a temple, and Books - a specially constructed building for storage of the Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran.

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The Time Machine USA The Forties

It collected 100 color photographs of America of the forties of last century, made by different authors. Basically there footage shot on film 4x5 Kodachrome, but there are frames with 35 mm equipment. Mainly in these shots I was impressed by the color.

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Pictures of old Egypt late 19th century

The New York Public Library has published a gallery of 9000 photographs and illustrations on the theme of the Middle East, made from the 17th to the 20th century. The monuments of ancient Egypt and the Biblical world often in the early photographs. French academic François Arago (1786-1853) mastered the new technology at that time in 1839 in order to "save time and effort and not to copy characters by hand, completely covering the historical monuments in Thebes, Memphis, Karnak and other places." The travelers brought with them equipment, cameras, chemicals and metal (and later glass) plate on the shores of the Mediterranean and photographed the famous kinds of places, before Western man known only by the artists. We offer you to see pictures of old Egypt.

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