Squirrels Playing Nutball

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How to become king

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Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves (Waitomo Caves) - a village of the same name and the famous caves , which are the main attraction of the Southern Areas Waikato (Waikato), in the North Island of New Zealand , 12 kilometers northwest of the town of Te Kuiti (Te Kuiti).

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Red Bull Flugtag In Moscow

Red Bull Flugtag held in Moscow  - competition for "diving" on homemade flying machines with a six-meter height. These "days of flight" (Flugtag) company Red Bull regularly organized in different cities of the world.

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Yellow Duck in China

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Treasure hunt for birthday 11 year old son

On the 11th birthday of my son, I created a "treasure," and decided to have a mini-game for his son.

Here it is - exploitation

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Interesting Penguinology

King Penguin - the second largest (after the emperor) penguin species and one of the most brightly colored. Proud bearing, the combination of white, yellow and black plumage fully justify the title of king, assigned to these birds. One of the biggest in number of colonies king penguin is in the Bay of St Andrew on South Georgia Island. It was at St. Andrews Bay in the evening a warm spring day and this picture was taken. Chicks collected mngotysyachnye "nursery" patiently waiting for their parents, who appear every two weeks, something to feed them. Parents and children find each other by voice.

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Belarusian couple lived for 20 years in the dugout in the woods

Tamara Baikov ('64) and her husband, Yuri lived in a mud hut in the woods near the Belarusian village Yuhnovichi, on the border with Russia, about 20 years. They set out to torture happiness in a remote backwater of Belarus shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, hoping that their cases will go to the mountain, and temporary huts eventually turn into a big, beautiful house, which can be left to children. However, there is nothing more permanent than temporary - and while farming for 20 years has grown at least so that Tamara and Yuri are self-sufficient in food, the dream of the house were only dreams.

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In New Zealand the dogs learn to drive a car

In New Zealand, a dog, instead of chasing cars, learn to drive - at least this is true in mongrel Porter, Monty and Ginny. Three dogs, picked up on the street dog breeder Mark Vette (Mark Vette), already know how to turn the steering wheel, shift gears and turn the wheel of a car. What's surprising is that this project is not carried out within the framework of scientific research, and to promote the adaptation of stray dogs. Vette goal - to show that the dog is actually smart enough to drive a car and that they should keep the house.

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House Painting

St. Petersburg authorities have decided to decorate 27 unpresentable Houses to artwork that would not only beautify the city, but also have established its residents and visitors a festive mood. Now the idea is being implemented ...

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