Stone Mushrooms Altai

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Island of Senja Norway

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Hitachi Seaside Park

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Bamboo Forest Saga

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Umbrella street in aveiro

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umbrella street in aveiro, portugal


Devils Punchbowl Falls New Zealand

Situated in the centre of the South Island, along the pass between Canterbury and the West Coast, Arthur’s Pass National Park is the third oldest national park in New Zealand. The main road between Christchurch and Greymouth (SH73) travels straight through the centre of the park. One of the world’s great train journeys – the TranzAlpine Express – also passes through the park, offering dramatic views of the mountains and plains.

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The top of this spectacular fall (131 metres) can be seen from the main road, but a walk to the base of the waterfall is well worth doing in any weather, any time of the year.
A signpost just north of the Chalet Restaurant points to the carpark where the walk starts. The track goes up the side of the Bealey River and over two footbridges before zig-zagging up steps through the mountain beech forest to the waterfall's base. Return the same way.


Gray sand

Gray sand of the North Island, New Zealand. Photography by Yuri Ovchinnikov.

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Rehearsal parade in Red Square in Moscow

In Red Square in Moscow, the rehearsal parade on 71-th anniversary of the famous parade Nov. 7, 1941. Then the soldiers, solemnly otmarshirovavshie the Muscovites and the leadership of the country, went straight to the front, and held dozens of kilometers from Moscow. For many of them it was the last parade in their lives. Festive action will take place in Moscow on 7 November 2012.

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In Denmark blew second tallest building

In Denmark dismantled explosion second tallest building in the country - 108-meter fuel storage facility in Copenhagen, which stood idle since 2007. Dismantling by the famous British expert on controlled explosions John Faulkner and his company Precision Demolition Company, the fall of the building occurred in only 8 seconds.

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In Catalonia the newly erected Kastelli

Last weekend in the Spanish town of Tarragona once again to build a festival called Kastelli or "human castles." The tradition of "building" goes back to the religious practices of the XVIII century, which over time have lost their religion and turn into a contest between the clubs fans Kastel (kastelerov).

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