Stunning and best photo of Hohenzollern castle


photo of Hohenzollern castle - 1


Best photo of Sorano Italy

sorano italy - 1


Another best photo of Lichtenstein castle


another best photo of Lichtenstein castle - 1


Best Photo of Neuschwanstein Castle



Neuschwanstein Castle - 1

by Alexander Naumenko

Path to castle

path to castle - 1


Vilgelmshtayn island

Vilgelmshtayn island - 1
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Hohenzollern - 1
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Bagan - 1
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This Hogwarts

Who would have thought that the school in the Harry Potter series of films for him has not been drawn, and existed in reality? So not less, it does exist ... in the form of the model.

This Hogwarts - 1
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Lake Crescent a Chinese oasis in the desert

Around 6 km from the city of Dunhuang in western China, Lake Crescent lies  - an incredible oasis in the Gobi Desert. In Chinese it is called Yueyatsyuan. This lake is a crescent-shaped - the most important landmark of the region, where one of the greatest Buddhist temples situated in the world.

Lake Crescent  a Chinese oasis in the desert  - 1
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