Best photo of istanbul turkey

best photo of istanbul turkey - 1


Stunning architecture of Palais Garnier

architecture of Palais Garnier - 1


Jaszczurowka covered with ice

Jaszczurowka covered with ice - 1


Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Blue Mosque in Istanbul - 1
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Meteora Greece

Meteora - one of the largest monasteries in Greece , renowned primarily for its unique location on the cliff tops.

Meteora, Greece - 1
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Frozen Belogorskiy Monastery

Belogorskiy monastery - 1
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House in the middle of highway

House in the middle of highway in china - 1
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Fifteen tons of paint on Hollywood

About 1,500 gallons of paint will be spent on it to re-paint the symbol of Hollywood - the same inscription, set in the hills above Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the process of cleaning banal letters from old paint and coating them with a new layer - the most significant "restoration" sign, held for the last 35 years.

painting symbol of Hollywood - 1
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Photos of best house to live

Located on the edge of a cliff, this house in Queenscliff, Australia, was presented to designers of Utz Sanby Architects . The total project area is 210 sq.m. and to implement it took 4 years.

house in Queenscliff, Australia - 1
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The most famous incident of the tower

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. The most famous "leaning tower", but not very oblique. Built on the soft clay tower started falling a few years after construction began. The tower has 294 steps.

The most famous incident of the tower - 1
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