European Hare

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Ice Fishing

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Eagle in action

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About marine reptiles

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Interesting Penguinology

King Penguin - the second largest (after the emperor) penguin species and one of the most brightly colored. Proud bearing, the combination of white, yellow and black plumage fully justify the title of king, assigned to these birds. One of the biggest in number of colonies king penguin is in the Bay of St Andrew on South Georgia Island. It was at St. Andrews Bay in the evening a warm spring day and this picture was taken. Chicks collected mngotysyachnye "nursery" patiently waiting for their parents, who appear every two weeks, something to feed them. Parents and children find each other by voice.

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South Georgia

Amazing and interesting photographs of Penguins taken by Dmitry Arkhipov in South Georgia.

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Compas Jellyfish


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Best Photo of the day 02 15 2013

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In New Zealand the dogs learn to drive a car

In New Zealand, a dog, instead of chasing cars, learn to drive - at least this is true in mongrel Porter, Monty and Ginny. Three dogs, picked up on the street dog breeder Mark Vette (Mark Vette), already know how to turn the steering wheel, shift gears and turn the wheel of a car. What's surprising is that this project is not carried out within the framework of scientific research, and to promote the adaptation of stray dogs. Vette goal - to show that the dog is actually smart enough to drive a car and that they should keep the house.

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