The Festival of Cascamorras

In the town, the Base (Granada, Spain) again Cascamorras annual festival since 2006 has become a tourist attraction. Residents of the nearby town Guadis are back in the "guests" to the inhabitants of Databases to "select" the statue of Our Lady, which is in the local church. Away, as usual, was not selected, but soiled notable.

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RAM for free medicine

Over three thousand U.S. residents gathered near the town of Wise, Va., to get free medical care at the clinic Remote Area Medical (RAM). The charity was founded in 1985 Brooke Stan (Stan Brock), and its first mobile hospital operated primarily in Latin America, but now most of the time he spends traveling to the depths of the United States. Treat students and doctors, volunteers, none of them receives for his labor is no fee. Do not take money with patients. "We do not ask, do you have insurance, housing, and a citizen of the United States you" - says Brooke. According to him, the most popular doctors in patients RAM has been for many years is an ophthalmologist and a dentist. The day after RAM can go up to 1,500 people - all they get number plates and reception is carried out in a queue.

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Colors of Peshawar a city of Pakistan

In Pakistan the area of the city of Peshawar, the county Charzada (zone free Pashtun tribes). Here lies the valley of the three great rivers: Swat, Kabul and Jindi. We invite you to see some interesting photographs taken by the photographer Gregory (Kazakhstan) during his visit to Pakistan.

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The island of dolls

Far away in the tropical forests of Mexico, near the small town Hochimilko (Xochimilico), is a unique place that is very popular in tourists - La Isla de la Munecas (Island of Dolls). On hearing this name, untrained people probably imagine something sentimental and charming. But he will be severely deceived in their expectations.

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Vibrant Singing Tree

This amazing creation of Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu - "Singing Ringing Tree" or "Vibrant Derova Singing" can be seen and heard on the hill of Pennine Lancashire County mountains. The height of a singing sculpture reaches three meters. The tree is made of galvanized steel pipes, which publish melodious sounds with each gust of wind.

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A girl with cigarette

Meet a girl Saghir Ansari 11 years old . Saghir and her family live in India, in a very poor town in the east. It turns bidis - a traditional Indian cigarettes, thin and short.

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Best Photography part 1

Yuri Ovchinnikov is a creative photographer from Russia. He is living in the Saint Petersburg city. He is also a master of sports, member of Camel Trophy and full member of the Russian Geographical Society. We invite you to see some of his work.

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Journey to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon - one of the deepest canyons in the world, it is located on the Colorado Plateau in Arizona. Its length - 446 km, width from 6 to 29 km, the depth of 1600 meters. Canyon was formed by water erosion of the earth's rocks. Previously, about 5-6 million years ago the Colorado River flowed across the plain, but due to crustal movements plateau rose, and changed the slope of the river.

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Labyrinth of knowledge

At the Royal Festival Hall in London, an exhibition-maze aMAZEme Brazilian artists and Marcus Saboia Gualtera Pupo. Its name contains the word game - "amaze me" (surprising me) and "maze me" (confuse me), at a time. Not to mention the fact that "maze" can simply be translated as "Labyrinth." Results in the walls of the maze relatively small - 250 thousand books. (REUTERS / Olivia Harris / Scanpix)

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Rural Olympics in Kila Raipur India

Farmer is also not stranger to sports gambling, it is confirmed by Rural Olympic Games, which take place in the village of Kila Raipur (Kila Raipur) in the Indian state of Punjab since 1933. Within a few days all others wishing to demonstrate their strength, agility and endurance miracles. Along with the traditional competitions such as horse racing, racing in the ox-sled, or cock-fighting, in the village Olympics participants hold hands-free horse riding, fall under the moving tractor and move the car, holding the rope with his teeth only (Altaf Qadri / AP Photo / Scanpix).

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