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Photo of the day 6 9 2014

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By Daniel Korzhonov


Blue Pond in Japan

Absolutely blue pond is located on the island of Hokkaido (Hokkaido), which is the second largest in Japan, and is located within walking distance from the picturesque town of Bia (Biei).

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October in Sigulda

Sigulda with Riga and Jurmala considered must see in Latvia. Many tourists who come to Riga, and try to go to Sigulda to see Turaida Castle , and just take a walk along the forest paths around the cave Gutmana .

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Cool Winter Morning

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Beautiful Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore - a commune in the Cinque Terre, the nearest town from the National Park of La Spezia. Population - 1736 people. Tourists visiting the Cinque Terre, mostly start with a visit to Riomaggiore.

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Eagle in action

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Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves (Waitomo Caves) - a village of the same name and the famous caves , which are the main attraction of the Southern Areas Waikato (Waikato), in the North Island of New Zealand , 12 kilometers northwest of the town of Te Kuiti (Te Kuiti).

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Elusive gigawatts of energy

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