Frank and Louie two faced cat

Frank and Louie is a cat with two noses earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records. 12-year-old cat named Frank and Louie from the city of Worcester, Mass., was the most long-lived cat with such a malformation.

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Coal world

Last year, the world was produced more than 7,000 megatons of carbon, and these figures prove the fact that coal plays an important role in the life of modern humanity. But carbon dioxide produced by the coal is destroying ozone layer. Large-scale, environmentally dirty and dangerous coal combustion is growing every year, for example, in 2011 its production increased by 6.8%.

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Best photo of the day 05 16 2012

In the photo: the ruins of the dying in the slums of Manila, Philippines. A fire erupted May 11 in the slums of Manila, Philippines (Manila), has killed two people and left without a roof over your head for more than 10 000 people. The cause of fire is still unknown, fire spread on the roofs of wooden shacks almost instantly.

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The natural symmetry

On these beautiful lakes there are reflections of several mountain ranges in North America, South America and Italy. Photographer Jack Brauer (Jack Brauer) is traveling around the world since 10 years, gathering a collection of landscape mirror.

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Back to Nature

Photographer Lucas Foglia (Lucas Foglia) grew up in a small family farm in Long Island. Perhaps this influenced his interest in natural communities. C 2006 to 2010 Lucas traveled to the southeastern U.S., photographing the people of the community who, for various reasons decided to leave the city and give up the benefits of civilization. He named his series of photos  "Back to Nature" (Re-Wilding). Guided by the religious beliefs or ecological principles, they build houses out of scrap materials, and get food by hunting and gathering.

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Animal Moms

No love more beautiful than a mother's love, because with the birth mother gives a part of herself to her child. Mother's love also exists in the animals, following photos are showing this.

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This site in Jordan has been inhabited since very ancient times. Petra reached its greatest importance under the Nabataeans, an ancient people whose original homeland was in northeastern Arabia. They migrated westward in the 6th century BC and eventually settled at Petra. Not much is known about the Nabateans’ history before 312 BC, when Petra was unsuccessfully attacked by Seleucid forces. Petra was also made famous by the third Indiana Jones movie.

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Best photo of the day 05 15 2012

In the photo: From the shoes of the missing people throughout Mexico enthusiasts have built a number 49 on the number of those killed by drug traffickers. Mexican police on Sunday, May 13, found 49 mutilated bodies piled along the road near the city of Monterrey, located near the U.S. border. Murderers are not just beheaded their victims, but also cut off their hands so that the dead could not be identified by fingerprints.

Zetas drug cartels - 1

The dead included 43 men and 6 women. Their deaths occurred during the last 48 hours, and not in the place where the bodies were discovered. Near the police found the bodies of graffiti depicting the letters Z - symbol cartel "Zetas." Authorities believe that the dead were victims of the conflict between drug cartels.

Santa Claus

At Christmas Santa Claus can be seen everywhere, and sometimes there are crowds of wizards with a white beard. Santa Claus (born Santa Claus), that is, Saint Nicholas, the late North American tradition - the Santa Claus who gives presents to children at Christmas. The name of the American Santa Claus represents a distortion of the Dutch name of St. transcription. Nicholas. The birthplace of Santa Claus is Lapland. Although the cartoonist Thomas Nast, first developed the modern image of Santa, pointed out in his animated stories that Homeland of Santa Claus - the North Pole.

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Buzludja a mysterious place of the Communist Party

Buzludja is the largest monument of ideological communism in Bulgaria. The building was created by architect Georgi Stoilov. The building took seven years of hard work, which was attended by more than 6,000 workers and 20 leading Bulgarian artists. Above the interior decoration painters worked for 18 months. The facility was officially opened in 1981, the day of the 1300 anniversary of the founding of the Bulgarian state. Somewhere at the bottom of the building was laid by a capsule with a message to future generations, which explains the significance of the whole structure.

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