Eyes the mirror of the soul

Eyes - windows of the soul, not just human. Each animal has its own characteristic features, which are in one way you can see in his eyes. We suggest you look into the eyes of different animals.

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Best photo of the day 05 18 2012

It is very rare - a rainbow that appeared during a storm in Haikou in China's Hainan Province. (China Daily / Reuters)

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In Netherlands there is a superbus that can travel at speeds up to 250 km/h The ceremony involved the issuance of registration numbers and the Minister of Infrastructure Protection Melanie Schultz van Netherlands Haugen Maas Geesteranus. Then Melanie swept behind the wheel Wubbo Superbus.

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Aurora lights

Auroras - one of the most beautiful light phenomena in nature, so they attracted the attention of people throughout its history. Mention of auroras can be found in the writings of Aristotle, Pliny, Seneca and other ancient philosophers.

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Luxury Hotel Reethi Rah

Reethi Rah is a luxury villa resort located on the North Atoll, Mal, Maldives. The mound stretches for six kilometers. Reethi Rah has twelve beaches and 130 villas. Each villa has a spectacular ocean view and direct access to the lagoon. It offers luxurious veranda and soft sand.

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Best photo of the day 05 17 2012

A diver is diving under the stars at night.

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Frank and Louie two faced cat

Frank and Louie is a cat with two noses earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records. 12-year-old cat named Frank and Louie from the city of Worcester, Mass., was the most long-lived cat with such a malformation.

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Coal world

Last year, the world was produced more than 7,000 megatons of carbon, and these figures prove the fact that coal plays an important role in the life of modern humanity. But carbon dioxide produced by the coal is destroying ozone layer. Large-scale, environmentally dirty and dangerous coal combustion is growing every year, for example, in 2011 its production increased by 6.8%.

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Best photo of the day 05 16 2012

In the photo: the ruins of the dying in the slums of Manila, Philippines. A fire erupted May 11 in the slums of Manila, Philippines (Manila), has killed two people and left without a roof over your head for more than 10 000 people. The cause of fire is still unknown, fire spread on the roofs of wooden shacks almost instantly.

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The natural symmetry

On these beautiful lakes there are reflections of several mountain ranges in North America, South America and Italy. Photographer Jack Brauer (Jack Brauer) is traveling around the world since 10 years, gathering a collection of landscape mirror.

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