Best home for skater

This home is ideal for anyone who eats, sleeps and lives with a skateboard. Trails connect the inner and outer surfaces at home that allows you to ride forever.

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Best photo of the day 07 21 2012

Photographer Tom from Canada Opinions (Tom Ryaboi) pictures of himself sitting on the edge of the roof of a skyscraper.

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Woodstock in Polish

Photographer Peter Bohler visited Przystanek Woodstock (Station Woodstock) - Polish analogue of American rock music festival. The motto of the festival is the slogan of "Love, friendship and music." In 2011 the site was visited by over 700,000 people.

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Marina Bay Sands the most expensive hotel in the world

After four years of construction hotel opened in Singapore Marina Bay Sands. At the height of the three towers of 200 meters (55 storeys), there is a huge terrace in a gondola with swimming pools and green gardens with total area of 12.4 thousand square meters.

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Best photo of the day 07 20 2012

The instructor breaks a bottle on the head of female recruits during training the first Chinese female bodyguards in Beijing. To become certified as a bodyguard it is required to go through several stages of training for 8-10 months. (David Gray / Reuters)

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The temple of the living trees

Giuliano Mauri has launched an unusual "live" architectural design. The essence of the project lies in the fact that inside the wicker 42 columns, seedlings were planted hornbeam (small genus of deciduous trees of the birch family). As planned by Giuliano, after fifteen years of limiting frames, columns will be too tight for trees and destroyed. Hornbeams themselves form a natural structure of the present Cathedral of the living tree. Unfortunately, Giuliano Mauri did not live up to the present day.

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Best photo of the day 07 19 2012

Residents of Pakistan watching the burning truck. Three oil tankers and container to be delivered to NATO troops in Afghanistan have been undermined by gunmen in southwestern Pakistan. (BANARAS KHAN / AFP / Getty Images)

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16 most expensive materials in the world

Gold - is not the most precious substance in the world, in terms of grams. And do not even platinum. Look at the 16 most expensive materials at a price per gram. The substances are in reverse order, with an increase in value.

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Olympic and other Stadiums with a birds eye view

Today we offer you a look at the pictures of the best stadiums and Olympic Stadiums around the world with a bird's-eye view.

Olympic and other Stadiums with a bird
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Kensington Festival of Miniatures Doll House

Kensington Festival of Puppet homes (Kensington Dollshouse) since 1985, brings together collectors and professionals involved in miniature work. The festival is one of the world's largest selling exhibitions of works of miniature art.

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