Summer pasture Taban neighborhood and Karagai

These best landscape photos taken in the photo project "Unknown Kazakhstan" by photographer of Kazakhstan, Constantine Kikvidze.

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A world without people

For several reasons, economic or because of natural disasters, people refuse to stay in some places of the planet. There you can watch the apocalyptic paintings. That's because the world would look like if all people suddenly disappear.

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Best photo of the day 07 04 2012

An activist holds out a flower to one of the police, which block a protest march and protest against the arrest of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev. More than 5,000 opposition activists took to the streets of the capital in protest. (AP Photo / Andriy Kravchenko)

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Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau

In Austria, few years ago an extravagant thermal hotel Rogner Bad Blumau, Blyumau (Styria) opened. The hotel is built in accordance with the principles of an eccentric architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Friedensreich Hundertwasser). His architectural concept of Friedensreich has stated in several manifestos and implemented in a variety of projects.

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Best photo of the day 07 03 2012

The first house built on an artificial archipelago of "The World" 4 kilometers from Dubai, UAE. The archipelago consists of 300 private islands and repeats the shape of the world map. At the time of its construction to a halt due to the global financial crisis. (Photo: Reuters)

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Travelers legs

Photographer Tom Robinson (Tom Robinson) makes the photos on the memory in an unusual way - pictures of feet.

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Best photo of the day 07 02 2012

Bike shop in Atlansberge (Altlandsberg), Germany. The owner of the shop, Peter Horstmann, decided to decorate the building with old bikes, for this purpose he has accumulated more than 40 broken models. Customers buying new bikes, and in gratitude gave the old ones. At the moment, on the walls of shops are 120 bicycles.

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Best photo of the day 07 01 2012

Villagers of Philippine town near Elorde Bunavan Cox with a huge crocodile, caught by local residents and staff of a crocodile farm. After three weeks of hunting, a 6.5-meter crocodile caught in a trap set at the mouth of the river. (AP)

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Graffiti on the Al Mac

El Mack was born in Los Angela in 1980, son of an engineer and artist. He is familiar with the art world from the cradle. Especially a lot of time he devoted to individuals and human figures. The inspiration he draws from the Mexican culture of the city of Phoenix, religious art, pin-up, graffiti, and a wide range of classical artists. He began to paint with acrylic and do graffiti in the middle of the 90th and since then constantly improve their own style.

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Best photo of the day 06 30 2012

Fireworks over the Cathedral of St. Basil during the International Festival of Military Bands "Spassky Tower." Participants in the annual event, (held August 31 at Red Square in Moscow), were military bands from different countries. (REUTERS / Sergei Karpukhin)

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