Scientists found 200 years old sunken ship

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of the Interior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) found the wreckage of a ship which is believed to have sunk about 200 years ago in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Best photo of the day 05 21 2012

The biggest boat that has ever been brought to the boat show on the land, Germany, Dusseldorf. The boat is called Elegance 122, the length of the yacht is 37 meters, weight - 180 tons, the price - 11 million euros. Boat Show - International Trade Fair boats and floating facilities in Dusseldorf.

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Glass Beach Fort Bragg

There is one very interesting place - Glass Beach (Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California, USA). In the early 20th century this beach was a big dump. In the sixties the landfill was closed, and various cleanup programs were undertaken through the years to correct the damage. Over the next several decades the pounding waves cleansed the beach, wearing down the discarded glass into the small, smooth, colored trinkets that cover the beach today. Since then, the place has become popular and best tourism place for the tourists.

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Hobbit house

In order to build a beautiful and comfortable home for family, does not necessarily require a lot of money. The proof of this is the example of a 32-year-old photographer Simon Dale, the father of two children who did not take an apartment in the mortgage, and decided to create a house with his hands on the land in Wales (the western part of the UK). As a result, over 4 months with minimal cash cost (3000 pounds sterling), and with no experience in construction, Simon realized his dream of an eco-friendly housing, and the whole family had the opportunity to live in nature.

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Ant life

Andrey Pavlov, photographs of ants on their dacha. The main period when he begins photohunting on those little creatures that lasts from May to October. Andrew is particularly interested in the forest to shoot red ants that live within fifty meters away from the country house. Every track photographer thinks in advance.

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Luxury house on wheels

In recent years, motor homes industry adopts the latest trends in architecture and design. From humble furgonchika trailer turned into luxury apartments that can seriously compete with the studio in a luxury residential complex. 30-ton mobile home placed on two floors.

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Best photo of the day 05 20 2012

Installers conduct routine inspection of high-voltage power lines, Anhui Province, China. (Photo: Rex / Fotodom)

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Petty life

English artist Slinkachu is working on the project "Little People Project" since 2006. We invite you to see his work.

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Living Bridges in India

In the north-east India there is very humid and warm climate that promotes the formation of violent rivers. On the bank of the river Rubber Ficus grows very rapidly. Many years ago, local tribes have noticed that some of the roots of Ficus elastica grows outward. And using this feature of the tree, they decided to use it for their personal purposes - to build bridges.

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Looking down

Photographer Jason Hawkes (Jason Hawkes) took pictures of human civilization with a bird's-eye view.

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