Best photo of the day 06 16 2012

A woman confesses to a priest in one of the confessionals, set in the Retiro Park in Madrid.

A woman confesses to a priest in one of the confessionals - 1

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

In the the Spanish city of Bilbao, in 90 years of the twentieth century, a modest building appeared that not only is considered an architectural masterpiece of modernity, but also glorified the city to the world. This building - the Guggenheim Museum, built by the US-Canadian architect Frank Gehry in 1997.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao - 1
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Work of Photographer Bertil Nilsson

Photographer Bertil Nilsson (Bertil Nilsson) for many years, taking the best pictures of the circus. Images of individuals in these photographs do not always look like the circus, in their view, the ordinary.

Work of Photographer Bertil Nilsson - 1
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Spiders eight legs and eight eyes from the corner looking at you

Eight legs and eight eyes from the corner looking at you. Italian female photographer Iryna captured an excellent series of Spiders. We invite you to see her wonderful work.

spiders - 1
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Best photo of the day 06 15 2012

Photo from the International Space Station, with a height of about 400 km. In the picture fire in the national reserve "Santa Fe National Forest" in New Mexico, USA. (NASA / Associated Press)

Best photo of the day 06 15 2012 - 1

Civil War in Syria

The uprising in Syria - the massive anti-government unrest in various cities of Syria , against the country's president , Bashar al-Assad An ongoing internal conflict in Syria, which is part of a broader Arab spring . The first public demonstration was held on January 26, 2011, but they appeared only sporadically before the mass protests that erupted in Dera March 15 . The situation quickly turned into a full-scale popular uprising, and the protesters demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad and the overthrow of the government. The situation in Syria is part of the Arab spring, waves of social unrest throughout the Arab world , demanding greater political freedom and the end of dictatorships. Inspired by the successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt , in Syria, protesters have resorted to various tactics (such as marches, hunger strikes, riots and acts of vandalism), aimed at ending nearly fifty years of the party the Ba'ath . The uprising was called "unprecedented" policy.

Civil War in Syria - 1
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Melissani Cave

Melissani Cave is a Greek cave located on the island of Kefalonia Melissani that contains two big water filled halls. The Melissani cave was hidden for many centuries, until in 1951 it was explored.

Melissani Cave - 1
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Best photo of the day 06 14 2012

A perfect capture of turtle and fish together. This best underwater photo captured by Russian photographer Dmitry.

best photo of turtle and fish together underwater - 1

50 best photographs of the planet Earth from space


We invite you to see 50 best pictures of the planet Earth from space. After seeing these pictures you will learn that, our world is extremely wonderful when we see it from the space. NASA's Space Photos.

planet Earth from space - 1
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Dead Trees Plateau Sossusvlei

In the central part of the Namib Desert, there is clay plateau Sossusfley (Sossusvlei), known as the world's largest red sand dunes and the famous Death Valley with the skeletons of dead trees. The Namib Desert has existed for about 80 million years. This valley became Dead Valley about 900 years ago, when dunes blocked the river bed and cut off this area from the water.

Dead trees plateau Sossusvlei - 1
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