The rite of exorcism in Colombia

Hermes Cifuentes 20 years helping his compatriots to get rid of the uninvited supernatural beings in their bodies. The report you will see photos taken during the rite of exorcism, which is still popular in the treatment of mental diseases in Colombia.

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Best photo of the day 07 22 2012

Camping at night under the moonlight. This photograph is taken by the Russian photographer Eugene Martov.

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National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012

24th National Geographic Traveler photo contest came to an end, and the judge was about to pick winners, and online voting ended on July 20. Here are some beautiful pictures of participants in four categories: Travel, Landscapes, The feeling of space and unexpected moments.

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Strange Sports

American Nilmen Sol (Sol Neelman) for four years photographing the unusual sports.

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The strength of portraits of Plato

Photographer Platon (Platon) - Half-Englishman, half-Greek. Maybe it helps him in his work to comply with the balance between detachment, distance, and found true interest in people. During his career, he took all the leading politicians, actors, musicians - and, despite the obvious irony of his gaze, almost no one denies his motion.

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The geometry of light and magic

Popularization of drawing with light on a long exposure led to a set of colorful pictures. Over time, they cease to differ from each other, and the authors stopped at the achieved effect.

Dennis Calvert (Dennis Calvert) creates its own light patterns with a constant desire to find a new technique or visual effect. He is constantly experimenting and not afraid to make mistakes, but this is often the highlights of the colorful pictures of the mass of similar photos. All the pictures created without the use of graphics programs.

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Transparent Church

Young architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh designed the transparent church in the Belgian Haspengou. The church is part of the "Z-OUT". This is a large and ambitious long-term project, designed for installation of architectural monuments of modernity, which will be implemented over the next five years.

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Safe weapons

Kyle Bean (Kyle Bean) believes that the weapons should not be used to kill people, and in the war - a relic of the past. Humanity to a different look for weapons, Kyle decided to make an unusual exposure, and through the images to show his point of view. This selection of works created by the artist specifically for the magazine Cut Magazine.

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Tattooed faces of the women of Burma

In the hilly province of Chin women in Burma was applied to the face tattoos for many generations. For them - a sign of beauty, strength and pride. Earlier this year photographer Brent Lewin (Brent Lewin) made a series of portraits of tattooed women remaining as this tradition is slowly but steadily disappearing from the culture of the province of Chin.

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Best home for skater

This home is ideal for anyone who eats, sleeps and lives with a skateboard. Trails connect the inner and outer surfaces at home that allows you to ride forever.

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