Best photo of the day 25 28 2012

In this best night-time captured photo a group of fisherman fishing in YANGSHUO, CHINA. (Photograph by YURY PUSTOVOY)

night time fishing photo - 1

Litla Dimun

Litla Dimun is the smallest and the only inhabited of the 18 Faroe Islands, located between Scotland and Iceland. Its area is only 0.8 square kilometers, and the height at the maximum point is 414 meters.

Litla Dimun - 1
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Worlds smallest artificial heart saved the life of a baby

It's amazing how medical advances happen and get achievements, thanks to them, saving the lives of people who previously would not have survived. The world's smallest artificial heart saved the life of a baby in Italy. Physicians of Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome who have managed to successfully implement the world's smallest artificial heart (that is 11 grams) to a baby of 16 months. Thus the child has managed to stay alive for 13 days until a donor was found for a transplant.

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Best photo of the day 05 27 2012

17-year-old Tom Wilder lying in the mud at the Glastonbury music festival in Pilton, England. (AP Photo / Ben Birchall, PA)

Glastonbury music festival in Pilton - 1

The underground house in the village of Vals Switzerland

In the Swiss village of Vals (Vals) architectural company SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects have developed an unconventional design of the underground private homes. Practically the whole house is located inside the hill (160 meters), and its glass facade out to the terrace (60 sq.m.), with a magnificent view of the Alps and green meadows.

The underground house in the village of Vals, Switzerland - 1
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Earthquake in Northern Italy

Last Sunday, May 20, a strong earthquake struck northern Italy that killed at least seven people and damaging or destroying many structures (including old and new), and leaving thousands homeless. The magnitude of earthquake was 6.0 and occurred just after 4 a.m. local time, at a depth of only 5 km (3 mi). Due to this  earthquake many home to countless historic churches, castles, and towers are effected -- many of which were damaged or toppled. People are taking shelter in tents and rescue workers are searching for survivors and recovery crews try to salvage historic artifacts from the rubble.

Earthquake in Northern Italy - 1
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Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is famous for its curved shape attraction. This unique bend of the Colorado River is located in the canyon national recreation area Glen, United States (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area). Because of its beauty this place attracts huge number of tourists.

Horseshoe Bend - 1
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Best photo of the day 05 26 2012

To jump flying squirrel climbs on top of the tree. During the flight of its front legs wide apart, and back pressed against the tail, forming a characteristic triangular silhouette. By varying the tension of the membrane, flying squirrel maneuvers, sometimes changing the direction of flight at 90 °. The tail is mostly acts as a brake.

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Natural pool Giola

On the Greek island of Thassos near the village of Astris there is a beautiful natural pool. Pool is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of rock. Swimming Pool bears the name Giola. Beauty, isn't  it?

Natural pool Giola - 1
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River Monsters

Jeremy Wade in Animal Planet program "River Monsters", in which he travels the world and catches the largest river fish.

River Monster Fish - 1
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