Luxury house on wheels

In recent years, motor homes industry adopts the latest trends in architecture and design. From humble furgonchika trailer turned into luxury apartments that can seriously compete with the studio in a luxury residential complex. 30-ton mobile home placed on two floors.

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Best photo of the day 05 20 2012

Installers conduct routine inspection of high-voltage power lines, Anhui Province, China. (Photo: Rex / Fotodom)

Installers conduct routine inspection of high-voltage power lines - 1

Petty life

English artist Slinkachu is working on the project "Little People Project" since 2006. We invite you to see his work.

Petty life - 1
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Living Bridges in India

In the north-east India there is very humid and warm climate that promotes the formation of violent rivers. On the bank of the river Rubber Ficus grows very rapidly. Many years ago, local tribes have noticed that some of the roots of Ficus elastica grows outward. And using this feature of the tree, they decided to use it for their personal purposes - to build bridges.

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Looking down

Photographer Jason Hawkes (Jason Hawkes) took pictures of human civilization with a bird's-eye view.

Looking down - 1
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The most unusual buildings from around the world

Modern technological advances help to implement the most incredible projects. Design of houses and other buildings has stepped away from the ordinary standard of architecture.

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Day and night in one frame

Stephen Wilkes (Stephen Wilkes) dedicated his next photo exhibition titled "Day to Night" to New York. Panoramas of the photographer captures the contrast change of the times of day. Surreal scenes where day follows night smoothly, embody the atmosphere of the city that never sleeps. To create a snapshot Steven spend at least 10 hours.

Day and night in one frame - 1
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National geographic photo contest part 1

National Geographic holds a photo competition every year. You can search through multiple galleries and even help out the judging by voting on National Photographers send their images to participate in three categories: nature, people and places. In each category there is one winner that awards with the cash prize. We have already published the best photos of "National Geographic Photo Contest 2011". We invite you to see more pictures of the participents of National Geographic photo contest.

National geographic photo contest - 1
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World Press Photo 2011

World Press Photo - this is the most prestigious competition for all the news photographers. Last year the competition was attended by 5847 photographers who have provided 108059 photographs. As a result of various competition awards were 56 photographers from 23 countries. We bring you the best in our opinion, the work of the winners.

World Press Photo 2011 - 1
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Eyes the mirror of the soul

Eyes - windows of the soul, not just human. Each animal has its own characteristic features, which are in one way you can see in his eyes. We suggest you look into the eyes of different animals.

Eyes the mirror of the soul - 1
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