Vegetables giants

In the town Herrougeyt the north of England hosted the annual farm festival. Last year it celebrates its centennial anniversary. On this occasion, the festival has introduced a new program - the competition of farmers grew the biggest vegetable.

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Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

The most significant landmark on the island of Phuket is the world-famous vegetarian festival, which takes place over eight days in the first decade of the ninth lunar month (late September - early October).

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Best photo of the day 07 24 2012

A team of skydivers Eloem, Arizona. (Daniel Ramsbott / DPA / Zuma Press)

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Pictures of old Egypt late 19th century

The New York Public Library has published a gallery of 9000 photographs and illustrations on the theme of the Middle East, made from the 17th to the 20th century. The monuments of ancient Egypt and the Biblical world often in the early photographs. French academic François Arago (1786-1853) mastered the new technology at that time in 1839 in order to "save time and effort and not to copy characters by hand, completely covering the historical monuments in Thebes, Memphis, Karnak and other places." The travelers brought with them equipment, cameras, chemicals and metal (and later glass) plate on the shores of the Mediterranean and photographed the famous kinds of places, before Western man known only by the artists. We offer you to see pictures of old Egypt.

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Summer is in full swing

This year summer is in full swing. Many countries are once again faced with record-high temperatures. Only one thing saves from the heat, that is water. But where it has not enough to hide in the shade and eat ice cream.

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Pencil against the Camera

The ingenious photographer Ben Heine (Ben Heine) invented a new art form - the combination of photography and drawing. Originally it was just an experiment, but pencil sketches with the photos turned out so successful that within a few months about this talent, recognized in many countries. Enjoy!

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Best photo of the day 07 23 2012

African lioness Kate and Alexander Pylyshenko, artist and owner of a private zoo in the city Vasilevka, Ukraine. September 7, 2011. Alexander posted online record of 36 days in a cage with a lioness. According to local media, he wanted to make money on improving the lives of lions, and to draw attention to the responsibility of the owners of private zoos in Ukraine before the animals. (REUTERS / Stringer).

More photos of African lioness Kate and Alexander Pylyshenko (In a cell with a lioness)

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Soap Mania

20 years old American girl from Florida Tempest Henderson suffers from a psychological disorder called allotriophagia, which is characterized by the desire is inedible veschi.Temper eats soap and washing powder and gets enormous pleasure from it.

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Only the most important

The project "The Burning House" ("The burning house") Anyone can send a photo of the most valuable things for him that his first act will be saved from a burning house. Think about what things are and will save you, if there is a critical situation? When choosing items, set up personal priorities between practicality, value and sentimentality.

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Battle of the tomatoes La Tomatina Festival

In the media battle on tomatoes in Bunol in eastern Spain, attended by about 40,000 people from around the world. It was destroyed several tons of tomatoes. La Tomatina Festival (La Tomatina), held annually on the last Wednesday of August. The festival is held in honor of the patron saint of the city of St. Louis Bertrand (San Luis Bertr? N) and Our Lady of the defender.

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