Best photo of the day 05 10 2012

Drunken moose stuck in the branches of apple trees in Gothenburg, Sweden. Most likely, the elk got drunk, after eating fermented apples. 45-year-old Per Johansson said that he heard the roar from his garden, where he found the poor animal. (Per Johansson / Associated Press)

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Superlunie 2012


On the morning of Sunday, May 6, as the moon in its orbit closer to Earth, and the inhabitants of the planet were able to observe at this point superlunie - cosmic event, during which the Moon is closest to Earth. Every year there is 13 new moons and full moons 13. Superlunie - this is when the moon in its orbit, which is not a circle and an ellipse fit as close to the Earth. It happened May 6 at exactly 3:00 for 33 minutes according to universal time.

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It makes a zombie

American artist Ed Edmunds has opened his studio «Distortions Unlimited Corporation» the production of monsters 30 years ago in Greeley, Colorado. He made all kinds of famous monsters, a variety of puppets and masks, and props and scenery for the movies.

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Ian Plant Landscapes

Ian Plant (Ian Plant) the nature removes the last 15 years. During this time he has published eight albums, with beautiful scenery.

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Bridge to Nowhere

In Norway, there is "Atlantic Road" (Atlantic Road), which consists of several bridges, it opened in 1989. More than eight miles of roads located on small islands with eight points, where the road goes over the bridge.

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Best photo of the day 05 09 2012

Chile's Atacama Desert - the driest desert on earth, where rain falls only once every ten or fifteen years. Atacama is also interesting that in the middle of sand stands the 11-meter arm. "Hand of the Desert" was erected in 1992 by - Mario Irarrasabal. The purpose of creation - to emphasize the vulnerability and helplessness of man in the desert.

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Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls - one of the most majestic waterfalls of the Earth. Tons of water cascading from a height of 128 meters into a narrow gorge. It was here, in front of the precipice, the water washed the rocky bottom of this natural pool. This is a fantastic restaurant in the world. People who are fortunate enough to swim here, will never forget this place.

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Best photo of the day 05 08 2012

Tourists watch the feeding of the lions in the park for wild animals, Orana, Christchurch, New Zealand. Here in the special cell set cars and visitors the opportunity to assess the size and power of the powerful predators in the wild. Places to walk painted in advance, because allocated no more than 20 tickets per day.

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Steve Jobs is no longer

Steve Jobs, founder of the legendary company Apple, died at age 56 after a long illness. Since January of 2011, Jobs has been on leave for health reasons, and on 24 August announced that he is leaving as CEO of the company, which was replaced by Tim Cook. During his nearly forty years of his career, Steve Jobs offered some revolutionary decisions that changed the face of an entire industry.

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The designer Kobi Levi creates unusual footwear

Israeli designer Kobi Levi (Kobi Levi) is engaged in the creation of exclusive footwear. Despite the unusual appearance of his shoes is very convenient, so Kobe calls his creations sculptures that can be worn. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most famous of his works.

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