Pencil against the Camera

The ingenious photographer Ben Heine (Ben Heine) invented a new art form - the combination of photography and drawing. Originally it was just an experiment, but pencil sketches with the photos turned out so successful that within a few months about this talent, recognized in many countries. Enjoy!

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Best photo of the day 07 23 2012

African lioness Kate and Alexander Pylyshenko, artist and owner of a private zoo in the city Vasilevka, Ukraine. September 7, 2011. Alexander posted online record of 36 days in a cage with a lioness. According to local media, he wanted to make money on improving the lives of lions, and to draw attention to the responsibility of the owners of private zoos in Ukraine before the animals. (REUTERS / Stringer).

More photos of African lioness Kate and Alexander Pylyshenko (In a cell with a lioness)

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Soap Mania

20 years old American girl from Florida Tempest Henderson suffers from a psychological disorder called allotriophagia, which is characterized by the desire is inedible veschi.Temper eats soap and washing powder and gets enormous pleasure from it.

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Only the most important

The project "The Burning House" ("The burning house") Anyone can send a photo of the most valuable things for him that his first act will be saved from a burning house. Think about what things are and will save you, if there is a critical situation? When choosing items, set up personal priorities between practicality, value and sentimentality.

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Battle of the tomatoes La Tomatina Festival

In the media battle on tomatoes in Bunol in eastern Spain, attended by about 40,000 people from around the world. It was destroyed several tons of tomatoes. La Tomatina Festival (La Tomatina), held annually on the last Wednesday of August. The festival is held in honor of the patron saint of the city of St. Louis Bertrand (San Luis Bertr? N) and Our Lady of the defender.

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Animals chair

Maximo Riera (Massimo Riera) - The designer who likes to surprise. And it's hard to argue when we saw his recently created chairs. While examining the furniture could not help recall the spoils of the old films about the hunters. According to the artist, the collection is a tribute to one of this vital energy that exists in the animal world. He also tried to compensate for the lack of animal beauty that we can not see in the city life. The main obstacle to creating a "seats of animals" was the preservation of the correct proportions of animals without compromising the stability and comfort chair. To create a set of worked as a team of 34 professionals from various industries.

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The rite of exorcism in Colombia

Hermes Cifuentes 20 years helping his compatriots to get rid of the uninvited supernatural beings in their bodies. The report you will see photos taken during the rite of exorcism, which is still popular in the treatment of mental diseases in Colombia.

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Best photo of the day 07 22 2012

Camping at night under the moonlight. This photograph is taken by the Russian photographer Eugene Martov.

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National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012

24th National Geographic Traveler photo contest came to an end, and the judge was about to pick winners, and online voting ended on July 20. Here are some beautiful pictures of participants in four categories: Travel, Landscapes, The feeling of space and unexpected moments.

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Strange Sports

American Nilmen Sol (Sol Neelman) for four years photographing the unusual sports.

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