A weed that grows around the world

Dandelion. This small, but bright flower can be found everywhere, except in mountainous areas and arctic latitudes. For gardeners, it is a weed, but for ordinary people - an invitation to the summer.

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Flying in the clouds

German photographer Rüdiger Nemzov (Rudiger Nehmzow) organized a trip to Brazil to capture the endless sky. Extreme photography was carried out at a height of about six miles above the earth. Cloud managed to shoot straight from the open door of the aircraft.

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Castle on the island of Loretto

Loreto, a small island (Isola di Loreto) on Lake Iseo is situated on the territory of Northern Italy. Every year numerous tourists who come to tour the surprisingly beautiful lake, be sure to inspect this romantic island.

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Unique clouds Tsunami of heaven

In the U.S., in Florida, Dzhearu Hottey managed to photograph from a helicopter a unique natural phenomenon. He was nicknamed "the tsunami of heaven" because it appears that a tsunami from the cloud has covered the entire coast of Panama City. The height of "waves" was so great that the high-rises that are on the coast, almost disappeared in the rain-water arrays.

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