Flat Tolbachik alive again

Last week (photos are only available now) on the Kamchatka Peninsula, after 36 "silence" revived volcano Flat Tolbachik. Lava flows from a volcano destroyed the base of "Leningrad" and tourist base "Tolbachinskyi" and then rushed into the forest and set it on fire. Authorities say that the snow stops the fire. In the nearby villages were ash falls, but people were not injured. Flat Tolbachik last erupted in 1975-1976. Then there was a "Big Tolbachik Fissure Eruption."

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Typhoon Pablo has killed 52 people

Tuesday, December 4, on the island of Mindanao, which is part of the Philippines, the typhoon hit "Pablo." According to preliminary information, his victims were 52. More than 55 thousand people took refuge in special shelters, the typhoon caused flooding and destruction of many. "Pablo" is already recognized as the most powerful and devastating typhoon in 2012. It is reported that the wind speed exceeds its epicenter 200 km / h

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Strong ear

32-year-old Georgian athlete Lasha Pataraya set a new record, which will be listed in the "Guinness World Records" - he pushed his left ear car weighing 8280 kg and dragged him to a distance of 21.5 meters. In so doing he also improved his own achievement by 280 kilograms. In addition to lifting the ears, which enjoys Pataraya for ten years, he is also a champion of Georgia in Greco-Roman wrestling.

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Picture of the day 12 02 2012

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Pinnacle Desert

It is a miracle of nature is in the Australian National Park Nambung, in 245 kilometers north of Perth. Nambung National Park was named after the river winds through the park and disappears into the depths of limestone caves.

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Yenisei River

Frost on the Yenisei River. Photography by Marina Fominfrom Russia.

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Bike for Santa Claus

Extravagant German designer Dieter bike Zenft introduced his next creation - a bicycle-Thani as deer for Santa Claus. Zenft known as the creator of unusual "designer" bikes, which hardly will use in real life, but which are very impressive looking. And that his work is just one of them.

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Battle humanoid Kuratas

Japanese media roboto stroiteli demonstrated its latest development - the giant robot Kuratas. Machine growth of 4 meters can be controlled or person in her cabin or via smartphone. Robot weight of 4 tons of housing 16 may be of different colors and is armed with futuristic weapons, including rocket launchers, shoot missiles with the "compressed" water.

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We present to you some cute faces.

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Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Once the hot African morning of 1908, there lived a certain light on Zakaris left. He served on the narrow gauge railway worker linking Windhoek and Luderitz, and so would have existed himself happily, if not his passion for a relaxing morning stroll.

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