Severe Siberian roupdzhampery celebrated Halloween

Last weekend near Krasnoyarsk fans roupdzhampinga - jumping rope with high elastic objects - a festive exit thematic session. Dressed in a Halloween costume, they jumped from the old pipeline bridge a height of 44 meters.

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Europe is suffering because of snowfall


Central Europe is buried in the snow - unusually cold for this time of year the weather is collapsing on Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.

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Hurricane Sandy flooded the US East Coast

Last night on the east coast of the U.S. hit "supershtorm" "Sandy," which is already on the way to this country claimed at least 51 lives. Its way across the U.S., "Sandy" started at Antlantik City, reaching the town at eight o'clock in the evening local time (4:00 GMT).

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Windows 8

On Friday, October 26, the world starts selling the new operating system Microsoft - Windows 8. The main features of Windows 8 are: the new style interface Metro, support ARM processors for mobile computers and tablets and "incarcerated" under the management of the interface with your fingers. In addition, Microsoft specifically for the new OS has made the app store Windows Store.

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Hurricane Sandy

The total number of victims of the hurricane, "Sandy", which took a force of over Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti, has reached 21 people, 11 of whom were killed in Cuba. "Sandy" is classified as a hurricane the second category on the Saffir-Simpson scale, and forecasters predicted the peak of his power had gone.

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PSY taught the UN secretary general Gangnam Style

South Korean rapper PSY, whose hit "Gangnam Style" with more than 515 million views is already in the top three most viewed YouTube videos in the history of the service, attended a reception with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Moon is also a native of South Korea, and so far it is the most famous of South Koreans on the planet. After meeting with PSY, who taught him a few dance movements of his hit, Ban Ki-moon accepted that now most famous South Korean not, and it is a rapper. "We are tough negotiations at the UN and I'm thinking in such cases to put Gangnam Style, that all stopped and began to dance," - he gave tribute to the popular hit moon compatriot.

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Fair laughter in Mexico

Hundreds of clowns gathered in Mexico City, the Mexican capital for the annual international meeting of the Latin American clowns. The event, also known as the "Fair of laughter" is held for the 17th consecutive year. He clowns from South and Central America to discuss his latest clown craft, share experiences and organize various competitions.

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South African baboons attacked the car of Canadian tourists

One has only to gape - and be robbed. This simple truth in their own skin checked a couple of Canadian tourists who visited the Natural Park of Miller's Point near Cape Town (South Africa). Local baboons foraged such robbery and are not afraid of people. Special service controls the movement of the monkeys, tracking them by GPS-sensor attached to the collars of animals and drives away from the tourists and their property with paintball guns. But this time, they missed another sortie "bandits off the high road."

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She votes with two hands

Obviously, members of the European Parliament may come to work with children, as any ordinary "white collar." So, Victoria Ronzalli fully supports that supports her mother, Licia Ronzalli, MEP from Italy. What's more - she votes with two hands!

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Google shows the device of their data centers

Google has launched a special mini-site, which was first shown and described in detail, the structure of its data centers, which serve all the services of the company and keep the data on hundreds of millions of users. The demonstration was done on the example of the data center in Finland, which happens to be cooled purified sea water from the Gulf of Finland. It was also found that the data backup Google, like any other major corporation planet still stored on magnetic tapes.

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