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Traditional speech and orchestra at the opening of any forum intricate Chinese organizers sometimes add something "sharp". For example, stunt performing stunts on motorcycles right at a time when there appears another musical group. Thus, for example, recently opened a forum Linfene, Shaanxi Province.

 motorcyclists chinese stunt - 1

Prisoners of the circus


More than 300 stray circus troupe has lived and worked in Suzhou (Jiangsu, China). From there they go on tour, here rehearsing, and are trained and tamed wild animals. When leaving the troupe performed in different parts of the country, in the city are only babies and not yet domesticated animals. Circus Suzhou - it is not just the cultural heritage and traditions of the history, calculated over the centuries, but also the only means of income for more than 10 thousand people.

Prisoners of the circus - 1
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Celebrate Halloween

October 31, the eve of All Saints, in many countries around the world celebrate Halloween. Most of all, the rampant evil is traditionally observed in the USA, the UK and Ireland, but not far behind many other countries, including Russia. People staged carnivals and theme parties, demanding candy and other treats, and all - in every way fun.

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Completely flooded

Hurricane "Sandy" that hit on Tuesday, October 30, on the east coast of the U.S. flooded large areas - as a result of heavy rains and strong winds the water level in many places rose up to several meters. As a result, where full of life yesterday, today you can watch surrealist paintings. Especially got to New York and small towns of New Jersey.

Completely flooded Hurricane Sandy - 1
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Life without electricity

Hurricane "Sandy" that hit on Tuesday, October 30, on the east coast of the U.S., left without electricity more than 6 million people. Now they all get out of this, as they can - some used candles, some small generators. In addition, in the streets of the big cities of power generators installed with plenty of outlets - anyone can come and recharge your cell phone.

Life without electricity due to Hurricane Sandy - 1
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Two and three dimensional picture

One of the central exhibits 2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition Of China in Hangzhou is a collection of three-dimensional pictures. Unlike museums, access to these paintings in the exhibition free, so anyone can take a picture.

two and three dimensional picture - 1
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Fifteen tons of paint on Hollywood

About 1,500 gallons of paint will be spent on it to re-paint the symbol of Hollywood - the same inscription, set in the hills above Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the process of cleaning banal letters from old paint and coating them with a new layer - the most significant "restoration" sign, held for the last 35 years.

painting symbol of Hollywood - 1
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Bounty sailboat sank not fully

The most tragic story of the hurricane, "Sandy", raging on the eastern coast of the U.S., is incident with a sailboat Bounty - a replica of the same name of the court of the classic movie "Mutiny on the" Bounty "with Clark Gable. 

Bounty sailboat - 1
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In the port of Marseille ferry hit the dock

In the night from Saturday to Sunday in the port of Marseille passenger ferry Napoleon Bonaparte company Société Nationale Corse Mediterranee (SNCM) due to strong gusty winds hit the pier and has sprung a leak.

Ferry Napoleon Bonaparte was the victim of a strong wind - 1
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Severe Siberian roupdzhampery celebrated Halloween

Last weekend near Krasnoyarsk fans roupdzhampinga - jumping rope with high elastic objects - a festive exit thematic session. Dressed in a Halloween costume, they jumped from the old pipeline bridge a height of 44 meters.

 celebrating Halloween - 1
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