Colourful South East Kazakhstan


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Innocent cat

Innocent cat.

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Beautiful Nature

Presenting few photos of beautiful nature.

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Picture of the day 24 11 2012

Beautiful Nature.

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Very scary football

Very much characteristic facial expressions of Ryan Nielsen (Queens Park Rangers) and Nathaniel Clyne (Southampton).

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Farmers burned the fruit

Fever protesters tearing miner industry of South Africa for several months now, and got to the farmers. Last, disgruntled working conditions and pay protested, which resulted in clashes with police and burning one of the largest warehouses in the town Volisli fruit, 120 km from Cape Town. As a result, tens of thousands were burned boxes of fruit, one person was killed and five others injured.

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Aircraft carrier as a basketball court

Last Saturday off the coast of South Carolina on an aircraft carrier Yorktown Navy were playing basketball Cup Walmart Carrier Classic. Students - both boys and girls - had a series of games, the last of which could not be completed because the deck of a ship, as well as a basketball court, was too wet.

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Gold jewelry that belonged to the ancestors of Alexander the Great

As a result of archaeological excavations in the tomb under the Bulgarian town Sveshtari were found gold ornaments, which are believed to archaeologists, could belong to the family of Alexander the Great.

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Very modern art in Abu Dhabi

This week in Abu Dhabi (Saudi Arabia), an exhibition of contemporary art. It's called - Abu Dhabi Art. The event brought together a very well-known in their own countries masters, particularly high representation of Asian artists. The event will run until 10 November inclusive.

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America celebrates the victory of Barack Obama

On Wednesday night, November 7, all U.S. closely followed the announcement of results of the presidential elections in the country. Someone did this at home, someone in a bar or restaurant, and in addition, in almost all major U.S. cities had a few places where people gathered together to await the announcement of the results. At the moment when it became known that Barack Obama wins, millions of people began to celebrate, congratulate each other, hugging, dancing, and some took advantage of the moment and the spirit to make the most genuine marriage proposal.

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