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Presenting few photos of beautiful nature.

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Europe is suffering because of snowfall


Central Europe is buried in the snow - unusually cold for this time of year the weather is collapsing on Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.

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In the US found a mysterious marine animal eye

A man was walking along the beach in Pompano, Florida (USA), discovered a giant eye. Consequent rescue service, in turn, required the presence of marine biologists from the Commission for the Protection of Fish and Wildlife Florida, but those finding stumped. Now the mysterious eyes will be directed to the Florida Institute for the Study of fish and wildlife in St. Petersburg. There, if necessary, carry out even the genetic test. Previously considered that the eye is likely to belong to the fish, perhaps a rare and poorly known deep-sea species. As he was on the beach in Florida, scientists still find it difficult to say.

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Meteor Shower 2012

Like every year, the Earth once again hit the trail of dust particles released comet Swift-Tuttle, which leads to the formation of the Perseids - meteor shower, visible from Earth. The smallest particles, the size of a grain of sand, burn up in the planet's atmosphere, forming a "star rain." This phenomenon can be observed every year from July 17 to August 24, but most of intensity - up to 60 flashes per hour.

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Best Photography part 1

Yuri Ovchinnikov is a creative photographer from Russia. He is living in the Saint Petersburg city. He is also a master of sports, member of Camel Trophy and full member of the Russian Geographical Society. We invite you to see some of his work.

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Journey to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon - one of the deepest canyons in the world, it is located on the Colorado Plateau in Arizona. Its length - 446 km, width from 6 to 29 km, the depth of 1600 meters. Canyon was formed by water erosion of the earth's rocks. Previously, about 5-6 million years ago the Colorado River flowed across the plain, but due to crustal movements plateau rose, and changed the slope of the river.

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Tulips in Holland

Tulips in Holland - not just tulips. This is her symbol, and in the Middle Ages - even it was the method of payment of anything, and very expensive. For a couple of rare varieties of flower bulbs you can buy a house, or a sufficient number of livestock, or a small brewery. A girl with a dowry in the form of tulip bulbs was considered a wealthy bride. Today the cultivation of tulips - the main branch of the Dutch business. One fifth of the land area used for growing bulbs, which are then sent to 80 countries. The biggest flower market is located in the city of Aalsmeer, and the largest collection of tulips is the world famous royal park of flowers Keukenhof. The park has 4.5 million tulips planted 100 different varieties and it is open to visitors from mid of April to mid of May.

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The temple of the living trees

Giuliano Mauri has launched an unusual "live" architectural design. The essence of the project lies in the fact that inside the wicker 42 columns, seedlings were planted hornbeam (small genus of deciduous trees of the birch family). As planned by Giuliano, after fifteen years of limiting frames, columns will be too tight for trees and destroyed. Hornbeams themselves form a natural structure of the present Cathedral of the living tree. Unfortunately, Giuliano Mauri did not live up to the present day.

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Observations from above

These photos were taken by an ordinary digital camera, but with an unusual point - with the Earth's orbit. Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers (Andre Kuipers) is currently conducting research at the International Space Station and he became interested in photography.

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Amazing road giants

Way Giants - coastal area consisting of 40,000 basalt columns of volcanic origin. Located on the north-east of Northern Ireland, 4.8 kilometers north of Bushmills. In 1986 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in 1987 - a national reserve.

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