Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Once the hot African morning of 1908, there lived a certain light on Zakaris left. He served on the narrow gauge railway worker linking Windhoek and Luderitz, and so would have existed himself happily, if not his passion for a relaxing morning stroll.

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Castle of Sully sur Loire

Nice photography of Castle of Sully-sur-Loire by Nikolay Matveev from Russia, Moscow, Geneva.

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In the middle of nothing

In the middle of nothing.

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Christmas in the marine park

In the marine park Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in appropriate clothing is dressed penguin, and the staff will walk in dressed as Santa Claus before Christmas. And it is for all, even those who feed the dolphins in the water, and other marine life.

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The Hobbit Unexpected Journey

In Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, the world premiere of the film Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey". This is the first part of a trilogy by JRR Tolkien's book "The Hobbit, or There and Back."

Fans on the world premiere of "The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey
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Albania celebrates its 100th anniversary

In Albania, the celebrations were held to mark the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of independence from the Ottoman Empire. In celebration of the capital, Tirana, was decorated with national symbols, the main square of baked a cake of 500 square meters, and ended the parade of the armed forces of Albania.

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The weight of life

The genius & The weight of life. Work done by Caras Ionut, from Russia

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Picture of the day 11 26 2012

Landscape of Italy.

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Park toilet culture

45 kilometers south of Seoul, the Park toilet culture - the world's only theme park dedicated to the outhouse. The park exhibits are installed, one way or another connected with toilets and trimmed with natural needs - toilets of different people, sculpture, dedicated to these processes, etc.

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Warsaw in the fog

It looks like from the air unusually thick fog enveloped the capital of Poland. It seems that just dropped on Warsaw cloud. Or her most high-rise buildings were suddenly get up to the top edge of the clouds.

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