Lechuguilla Cave

Carlsbad Caverns National Park in the U.S., more than one decade hit the beauty of cavers and ordinary citizens. It is no coincidence, because this geological park has one of the most beautiful and longest caves in the world - Lechuguilla Cave. She kept her secret until 1986. Since its opening on the map was applied over 190 km of underground tunnels. When the first explorers came down the cave, they were not even aware of its true size.

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Lake Crescent a Chinese oasis in the desert

Around 6 km from the city of Dunhuang in western China, Lake Crescent lies  - an incredible oasis in the Gobi Desert. In Chinese it is called Yueyatsyuan. This lake is a crescent-shaped - the most important landmark of the region, where one of the greatest Buddhist temples situated in the world.

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A statue of Genghis Khan

A statue of Genghis Khan - a 40-meter statue of the Great Khan (1162-1227) on horseback, standing on the bank of Tuul River in Tsonzhin-Boldoge (54 km east of the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator.

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Ice sculptures at Lake Geneva

In Switzerland, cold enough to roam on Lake Geneva, creating a real ice sculptures on one of the most beautiful waters in Europe.

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Sculptures of the ghost in the Scottish woods

The forests of Scotland have long been a favorite holiday destination of both local residents and tourists. But walking through the woods by the lake, near the Scottish town of Aloa untrained person can wind up laughing ... It was here, near the forest path you can see the ghostly figures of men, which is visible through the foliage and branches. This - not the ghosts, as it may seem at first glance, but the work of Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland.

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Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

In the the Spanish city of Bilbao, in 90 years of the twentieth century, a modest building appeared that not only is considered an architectural masterpiece of modernity, but also glorified the city to the world. This building - the Guggenheim Museum, built by the US-Canadian architect Frank Gehry in 1997.

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Melissani Cave

Melissani Cave is a Greek cave located on the island of Kefalonia Melissani that contains two big water filled halls. The Melissani cave was hidden for many centuries, until in 1951 it was explored.

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Dead Trees Plateau Sossusvlei

In the central part of the Namib Desert, there is clay plateau Sossusfley (Sossusvlei), known as the world's largest red sand dunes and the famous Death Valley with the skeletons of dead trees. The Namib Desert has existed for about 80 million years. This valley became Dead Valley about 900 years ago, when dunes blocked the river bed and cut off this area from the water.

Dead trees plateau Sossusvlei - 1
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Unique panorama AirPano

A team of photographers AirPano.com involved in shooting 3D-panoramas from the air. They have assembled a collection of more than 80 types of cities around the world.

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Biggest cave of the World

The world's biggest cave ( Son Doong cave ), hiding in the jungles of Vietnam. A team of cavers with a local farmer decided to explore its depths.

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