Marina Bay Sands the most expensive hotel in the world

After four years of construction hotel opened in Singapore Marina Bay Sands. At the height of the three towers of 200 meters (55 storeys), there is a huge terrace in a gondola with swimming pools and green gardens with total area of 12.4 thousand square meters.

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Olympic and other Stadiums with a birds eye view

Today we offer you a look at the pictures of the best stadiums and Olympic Stadiums around the world with a bird's-eye view.

Olympic and other Stadiums with a bird
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Jellyfish Lake

In the eastern part of the densely wooded island of ESA-Malki, a member of the archipelago of rocky islands (the state of Palau) is an amazing marine lake, in which he lives a lot of jellyfish. There are only two types of jellyfish are living here - the gold and the moon.

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Amazing road giants

Way Giants - coastal area consisting of 40,000 basalt columns of volcanic origin. Located on the north-east of Northern Ireland, 4.8 kilometers north of Bushmills. In 1986 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in 1987 - a national reserve.

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The most unusual buildings from around the world part 2

We have already published first part of “The most unusual buildings from around the world”. Now we offer you to see second part. These buildings were designed by talented architects with unlimited, and sometimes crazy fantasy, aimed to create millions of homes, the one that stood out not only nationally, but around the world.

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Summer pasture Taban neighborhood and Karagai

These best landscape photos taken in the photo project "Unknown Kazakhstan" by photographer of Kazakhstan, Constantine Kikvidze.

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A world without people

For several reasons, economic or because of natural disasters, people refuse to stay in some places of the planet. There you can watch the apocalyptic paintings. That's because the world would look like if all people suddenly disappear.

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Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau

In Austria, few years ago an extravagant thermal hotel Rogner Bad Blumau, Blyumau (Styria) opened. The hotel is built in accordance with the principles of an eccentric architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Friedensreich Hundertwasser). His architectural concept of Friedensreich has stated in several manifestos and implemented in a variety of projects.

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Treasures of Egypt

Egypt - a country in which you can not just dive into grand millennial history and mystery, but also get a lot of wonderful impressions of an unforgettable holiday. How? Each defines for itself. After all, Egypt is rich not only in their sights and antiquities. Tourists can choose from a large abundance of entertainment. Beach vacation, scuba diving, go-karting, horse riding and camel riding, jeep tours in the desert, visiting museums, golf course, the famous Egyptian shopping, restaurants, water rides. All this can be found in this ancient country. Like the Seven Wonders of Egypt: the Nile, Red Sea, the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, the temples at Abu Simbel, the ancient culture of the Pharaohs and the Bedouins.

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Celestial Gold rapeseed field

One of the most beautiful time in China is the flowering oilseed rape. Therefore, in the middle of March in the city of Huangshan, located in eastern China, a flurry of tourists. Every year, thousands of photographers here come from all over the world, as well as ordinary fans of the beauty of nature.

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